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Developing emergency plans that work.

Because being safe is no accident.


The first step is conducting hazard vulnerability assessment and risk assessments. From this baseline evaluation effort a roadmap and timeline will be developed for project implementation.


The key to effective response and recovery efforts is developing a plan which is functional and reliable. It is nearly impossible to be effective when you do not have a solid plan in place first. 


Plans only found on paper do not help when an emergency occurs. Effective training is essential to increase familiarization with emergency plans and  improve functional competencies.


Exercises are invaluable when it comes to increasing confidence and competence. Exercises are a no-risk learning environment designed for your staff to apply their knowledge and skills as they work through life-like scenarios.


Our Mission

Superior Preparedness LLC is committed to improving disaster response and recovery preparedness for educational and healthcare organizations and places of worship. We work with you to assess risks, develop plans which are customized to your needs and environment, and then increase confidence and competence for your staff team through training and exercises. We are committed to making safe places to learn, work, heal, and worship.

Consultations will include a combination of on-site evaluations, hazard vulnerability and risk assessment surveys, review of existing emergency operations plans or development of new plans, and building on community partnerships which are vital to safety and security issues at your facility or organization.

Plans, training, and exercises will follow industry "best practice" guidelines, implementing principles from the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command Systems (ICS), and the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP),


“I have known Jon Stone for well over 10 years and have attended more training sessions that he has presented than I can count. I have also responded with Jon to emergency situations and worked with him in an emergency operations center (EOC). Jon understands emergency preparedness as a responder and as a leader in the EOC. He is a skilled facilitator and masterful at designing table top and full-scale exercises. He is the person you need facilitating your training and coaching your team..”

University Administrator

Travis Pierce

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