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Initial assessment

All emergency preparedness efforts should begin with an assessment of the current situation. During the initial assessment phase both a hazard vulnerability assessment and risk analysis will be conducted to identify and prioritize the threats facing your organization or institution. This process in involve site visits, interviews with your staff, and collaboration with the emergency response agencies in your area.

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Emergency Ops Plan Development

This project involves a thorough review of your current emergency operation plans. If you do not already have one, we will work with you to develop one! The resulting plans will apply industry "best practices" and will be formatted to be easily understandable and accessible. Final versions of your plan will be provided in both print and electronic formats.

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The best plans are of little help if your staff are not familiar with them. Training plans will encompass your EOP and may also include other emergency skills such as incident command roles, situational awareness and de-escalation, CPR/AED, first aid, fire extinguisher utilization. The goal is to build the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective when an emergency occurs.

Emergency Vehicles


The capstone project involves putting all the previous pieces together in a low-risk, high-yield learning experience for your team. Exercise scenarios will be developed using your facility characteristics in order to increase the applicability and improve the learning outcomes. Exercises will run the gamut from table top discussions to functional and full-scale events which incorporate local emergency response agencies so we all improve our capabilities together. An after action report will be developed following each exercise which identifies key lessons learned and next steps in your disaster preparedness efforts.

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